Cross Country Skiing

Please click image to enlarge, further details below

Please click image to enlarge, further details below

Complimentary X/C Skies

We have over 20 miles of trails for you to ski on. Use of our cross country skies, boots and poles is included in your room rate. The staff will provide you with our trail map and suggestions for a great day of skiing. The Lodge can provide convienent water bottle packs for your adventure and will be happy to provide you with a complete lunch if you should so desire. 

For the ultimate ski, talk with Brad about being transported up the back side of Wedge Mountain. This excursion brings you 2500' above the Lodge into the pristine back country. This can make for a wonderful day long trek and best of all, its almost all down hill back to the Lodge. With no snowparks to access the area, more than likely you will have the the mountain to yourself and the spectacular views of Leavenworth and the serenity of the Cascades. The cost for this shuttle is dependent on time and distance.

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