Welcome! / by Brad Schmidt

I am excited to share with you our new website at the same address of mthome.com.  I personally love the new web site because now I get my very own blog... "Millie's Mumblings"!  As the official greeter, trail escort and lodge dog, mom and dad have finally recognized my importance and given me a fancy title (Concierge!) and a blog.  Now I just need to see if I can get a raise... perhaps real food rather than just crunchy kibbles?  In the meantime, let me introduce myself.  I have lived here on the mountain since birth as my litter was foster puppies at our neighbors barn back in January 2010.  I am 5 1/2 years old and a mix of yellow lab, golden retriever and shar-pei!  I am super mellow, pensive and love to hike.  I have 2 "siblings"...  Jack and Cracker aka the cats.  This is my blog to share with you what's up at the Lodge and in our area.   We are in for some fun!