Don't laugh! ( too hard...)

Okay, go ahead.... get your giggles out.  I am wearing "the cone of shame"!  I was playing too wild on the trails and cut my hind leg and had to go to the vets for antibiotics and cleanup.  Then he unkindly told mom I had to wear this thing to stop me from licking my cut.  It not only looks ridiculous on a mountain dog, it is uncomfortable and driving me crazy I can not scratch my itchy sore as it heals!  Thankfully I am healing quickly and should be cone free by the weekend!  LOTS of bear action on the trails as well as elk.  Fall is in the air with bluebird skies and nights in the 40's.  Love this time of the year!  Come on over and play!!! ( I'll ditch the cone, promise!) Love Millie