Our Mountain Home Lodge family has a new member... welcome Ritz, our new now 10-wek old orange tabby!  He is full of energy, speed and man are his little claws sharp!  Ouch!! This is his second week at the Lodge and he is fitting right in.  He has graduated to being allowed outside on the decks without supervision!  Millie does keep an eye on him and Cracker.... well, she is tolerating his antics and at least no longer hissing at him! In a few more weeks they will all be buds we are sure.

Sadly, Jack, our 10yr old grey tabby had a heart attack June 25th and passed to heaven.  He is in good company joining our other pet pals... Blue the horse, Bailey & Oggie our dogs and Oscar & Ernie our cats.  

Come up and meet Ritz as he is growing like a weed!