Spring hiking!

Overlook ridge 

Overlook ridge 

The ridge was wonderful this weekend with stellar skies, snow capped Cascades and wildflowers. My new friend Cody and I had a blast!  Arrowleafed balsam root is everywhere on the mountain and lupine and Indian paintbrush not far behind.  

Great wildlife viewing now too... the elk herd are in the neighborhood as well as almost nightly visits from the bear teenagers from summer 2016. Lots of deer and wonderful bird viewing from songbirds, hummingbirds and the silly wild turkey flock.  Never a dull moment for me to keep me busy "on patrol".  

 An added bonus for the adventuresome is amazing white water rafting as well as morel mushroom hunting.  Hope you can find the time to come on over and play here in May and June! 

Love Millie Vanilli, MHL Concierge