Life is best with a pal!

Guess what?!!  I have a new pal and this time it's a dog sister!!! I am thrilled and so is everybody else... well, except our sister Cracker the cat is not too keen on the addition.  Ritz is cool with her, but you know Cracker... she has her own sense of superiority as the senior animal in our pack!  Bossy, hissy .. you know the routine!  Thankfully my new sister Sierra is clueless as to what a cat even is so we are good!  I am busy working on teaching her the ropes to being a lodge dog... no jumping, barking or being a pest and how to lead our guests on fun adventures into the forest.  So far she is doing great... her one issue is to stop chewing on mom's wood planters!  I am trying to share with her the fun of crunching on pinecones, but she apparently is partial to cedar over pine!  Come on over and play won't you?!! Love, Millie (Official Concierge!)